Monday, September 13, 2010

In the Shower (Part 4)

You put your palms on the wall, feeling the warm water beating down on you...and the warmth of my body pressed closely into your back. I scoot your hips back, so you're bent at the waist, and completely open to me. My cock is hard as a rock, nestled between your ass cheeks.

I bend my knees and slide the head of my cock between your pussy lips. I can feel how wet you are, and I slide my head up and down...rubbing it against your clit, then down between your lips. The teasing is almost unbearable, and I can hear you groaning under your breath, pleading with me to fuck you. I debate teasing you longer, but I finally can't resist. I grab your hips tightly and thrust hard. My cock pushes into you, spreading your pussy open and sliding in until I'm buried in you. We both moan loudly at the initial penetration, and I continue grinding into you, even though I'm already balls deep.

I slowly withdraw, one inch at a time, until I see my head start to reappear, then I thrust hard into you again. I continue the uneven rhythm, slow inch-by-inch withdrawals, followed by fast savage thrusts. Your pussy is tight and oh-so-wet...and steaming hot. I swear you feel like you're hotter than the water coming from the shower.

I reach around to play with your tits. My hands cup them, then my fingers move to your nipples...pulling them...pinching...twisting. You moan that you're cumming, and I push two fingers into your mouth...feeling you suck them as your pussy contracts around my cock.

I withdraw my fingers, and on an out-stroke, I smack your ass hard with the palm of my hand. You squeal in surprise, and I give you a few more quick strokes with my hand. I alternate thrusts of my hips with smacks on your ass...varying the rhythm so you never know what's coming next.

Then I reach for the soap. I gather a handful of suds and lather up the crack of your ass. With my cock buried in your pussy, one of my slippery fingers slowly rims your asshole. You give me a low groan, and I know this is taking you to new heights. I can feel you pushing back into me, trying to convince me to slide a finger into your ass. I give you a sharp smack on the ass and tell you not until I'm ready to give it to you.

Your palms are still on the shower wall, and you look back over your shoulder at me. I can see the need in your eyes, and I flash you my evil grin. I continue rimming your ass...and finally slide my middle finger in...slowly and insistently pushing in. Your ass swallows me to the first knuckle, and I keep pushing...past the second knuckle...until you've taken the whole length. I can hardly believe how tight you are. It feels like you've clamped down on me with the intention of never letting go.

I leave my finger in you for a few moments...letting you get used to it. Then I slowly withdraw to the first knuckle...then I push in again. I withdraw the finger again...sliding my cock out of your pussy at the same time. Then I thrust them both into you at the same time....starting a slow fucking you a double penetration. Your moans are deeper and longer, and I can see that your eyes are closed.

I continue this rhythm, until I add a second finger on one thrust. You groan in surprise, and I answer with my evil laugh. I move to a slower pace, letting you get used to my two fingers.

I grab the shampoo bottle and pour some into the crack of your ass. I feel it coating my fingers as they slowly pump your ass...increasing the lubrication. Without warning, you feel my cock withdraw from your pussy as my fingers withdraw from your ass. I tell you to look over your shoulder at me. Our eyes lock as I touch my cockhead to your asshole and start to thrust forward....

(Continued here.)