Sunday, September 12, 2010

In the Shower (Part 3)

I see the frustration in your eyes, but you move your head slightly back and take my cock in your hands. I watch as you wrap one hand around the base, and touch my head with the other. Your top hand caresses the head as the bottom hand moves slowly up and down my shaft. You pause to gather soap suds in your hands, then you continue stroking my hand wrapped around the base, one around the head and top of my shaft. Your eyes are locked on my cock and what you're doing...watching from a distance of about six inches.

One hand reaches down to cup my balls and squeeze them gently. Your top hand starts a rhythmic stoking from the head to the base. This feels wonderful, and I moan out loud. I can feel my cock swell, and I see that your attention has been drawn to the tip of my cock. Looking down, I see a big drop of clear pre-cum has formed, and you look up at me with pleading eyes. I nod "yes" and you move in and lick the drop off with the flat of your tongue.

You look up at me for permission to continue, and I again nod "yes." Then I add, "but now, no hands." Without ever taking your tongue off my cock-head, you smile and nod in understanding, clasp your hands behind your back, and continue licking. I move more directly under the warm water, feeling it massage my body as you kneel in front of me and lick up and down the shaft of my cock.

I take my cock in my hand and guide your head down to my balls, and you lick and suck attentively. I guide you down to the sensitive area under my balls, and you lick and suck me with loud slurps. Then I guide you slowly back up my shaft, watching as you kiss every inch as you come up to my head.

I hold you there motionless for a moment, locking eyes with you. You understand that it's now time to take me in your mouth, and you open your lips obediently. I give you a smile of satisfaction, then I move my hips slightly forward, pushing my cock-head into your mouth. I hear your sigh of contentment as you close your lips around my head, sucking eagerly and lashing me with your tongue. My toes practically curl with pleasure, and I take your head firmly in my hands and guide more of my cock into your mouth. I look down and see the erotic sight of you sucking my cock...eyes closed, your soft moans barely audible above the sounds of the running water.

I slowly guide your head up and down, holding your head firmly in my fingers wrapped in your wet soapy hair. Suddenly, I break your reverie with a sharp request to look up at me. You turn your gaze up to meet my eyes boring down into you.

"This feels great, baby. But I want you to take more."

You look up at me with big eyes, ready. Your hands are still clasped behind your back. Still holding your head firmly, I push my hips slowly forward, watching my cock disappear into your mouth. I feel my head hit the back of your throat, and I keep thrusting insistently. You relax your throat, and my cock slides deeper. Your eyes close, and your lips wrap firmly around my base. I can't help exclaiming "fuck...", and I guide you up to my head before pushing you all the way back down. I fuck your mouth with a few more thrusts, and then I pull out.

My hands reach down, and I motion for you to take my hands. I bring you up to standing and kiss you hard. Then I spin you around to face the shower wall. I move behind you and whisper in your ear.

"Put your palms on the wall. And don't take them off."

(Continued here.)


  1. It's getting better and better... Fantastic!
    Suddenly I'm inspired to write a shower story too... ; )

  2. The good thing about being behind in reading blogs is that I don't have to wait long to read the next installment. :)

    So hot...