Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the Shower (Part 2)

I take half a step back and release you, and you immediately spin around and kiss me. Damn you feel good, and I react instinctively, driving my tongue into your mouth and reveling in the feel of your hot soapy full-body kiss. But as good as it feels, I break the kiss after a moment, and you know why.

You reach for the shampoo bottle, squeezing some out into your hand. You reach up to rub it into my scalp, and I help you by bending down, as I'm almost a foot taller than you are. As your hands massage my head, I lean in for another smoking hot kiss, pushing you against the wall and sliding my tongue into your mouth again. My hard cock presses into your belly as our tongues dance. Your hands keep rubbing the shampoo into my head, then you move down to my neck and shoulders.

I break the kiss and whisper in your ear how good this feels, as you reach for the soap. You ask me to turn around, and I turn away from you, facing the warm streaming water. I feel the wet slippery massage of your hands on my back, rubbing the soap onto me in big circles. You start at my shoulders and work downwards to the small of my back, then you pause to gather more suds and start massaging my ass cheeks.

My breath catches in my throat as you slide one slippery hand into the crack of my ass and rim my asshole in slow circles. You purposely tease me, and I wonder if you're going to slide a finger into me. You tease me for a moment longer as my cock lurches, then you reach further under and gently rub my balls. My cock is aching for your touch, but I wait as patiently as I can, knowing that the anticipation is oh so sweet.

You run your hands back up the crack of my ass, massage my ass cheeks for a moment longer, then start to massage my legs. You start at my thighs, first washing the back, then reaching around to the front, doing one leg and then the other. You work my knees, then my calves and shins, then finally my feet.

I feel you stand up and hug me from behind as you spin us both around. You step away so that the shower hits my back, and you wash away the suds. Then you pause for a minute, and you're busy with something, but I'm not sure what. You spin me around to face you, and I see what you've done. You've lathered up your chest and belly, and you pull me close, our arms wrapping around each other. You pull me down for a kiss, but first whisper "I'm going to clean your front using my soapy body." Your lips devour mine and your tongue explores my mouth as you sensually run your body against my chest and belly.

I groan into your mouth as I feel you sliding your slippery tits against my chest...back and forth...up and down...and in slow circles. You have to break the kiss to rub your tits lower on my belly, and you look up at me as you writhe against me. You slither up my body, reaching your tongue out to touch mine, then you slither down again, not going lower than my belly.

You pause for a moment to soap up your tits again, then you rub against my belly...slowly sliding downwards. I can hardly believe how turned on I am... Part of me wants to bury my cock in you right this second, while another part of me wants the build-up to go on forever.

Bending down, you massage my lower belly with your soft tits, then you finally reach my cock. I can't help groaning "yes..." as your wrap your tits around my throbbing cock. You squeeze them together, then you reach for the soap again as you go to your knees in front of me. You're staring at my cock as you take me in your soapy hands. You lather up my short trimmed pubic hair,working around the base, then down under my balls. You move your face in close, then you look up at me with a smile - "I can smell us from last night."

Closing your eyes, you give my shaft one long lick from the base up to the head. But before you can take me in your mouth, I stop you. "Just hands, baby. For now...."

(Continued here.)


  1. Why did you have to tell everyone what we did in the shower? ((huge sigh!))*Grin*

  2. I think we all want to step in the shower with you!

  3. I need a cold shower, right now!