Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FFF: Off the Map

I was off the map. Following a trail through the woods, my pack full and heavy on my back, I was expecting to find a campsite by a stream a few miles away. The railroad track was a surprise, and the pretty blonde smiling at me an even bigger one.

She greeted me with a saucy smile. "Hey there, hiker. Where you headed?"

I told her, and she laughed. "You'll never make it there before dark."

Then she paused and looked away, apparently having an internal debate. She looked up, a glint in her eye, and said "You could spend the night on our farm. It's just over there."

She paused again, her eyes dancing. "Daddy wouldn't like it, but he and Mama went to see our cousins, and they won't be back until Tuesday."

There was a brief pause, and she knew by the look in my eye that my intentions were pure wickedness.

"So're coming?" She turned with a wink and started walking toward the farm, silhouetted in a golden haze of late afternoon sun. Wild horses couldn't have stopped me from following my farmer's daughter.

My apologies for the early post (Flash Fiction...Tuesday?), but on Friday I hope to be off the map myself, hiking a forest trail, and fending off bears. If any farmer's daughters or wood nymphs actually materialize, I'll be sure to post all the details when I return.

The challenge this week was: 150-200 words.
The phrase " a golden haze..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. I'm sure you would not let a farmer's daughter on her own, poor thing!

  2. You know you can schedule posts ahead of time, right? Just click the "Post Options" link and you'll get (among other things) a choice to post immediately or to schedule it for a particular date and time.

    With that said, this was hilarious. I also can't resist commenting on that straight line at the end. "So, coming?" Not yet...but he will be!

    You'll have to tell us when you get back whether anything like this happened on *your* trip. In any case, happy FFF!

    -- PB

  3. Very nice, Max! How could one say no to such hospitality? I just hope this farmer's daughter story has a happier ending than some of them I've heard. ;)

  4. Love the old farmer's daughter genre.
    Thank you

  5. Such a tease! my oh my..... Loved it!

  6. So simple, but still sexy even though it's the sexy of anticipation rather than climax. Reminded me of a few jokes I know which begin in much this way. And we will demand stories of farmer's daughters and wood nymphs on your return.

  7. The best intentions are pure wicked aren't they?

  8. Aaaah, the classic farmer's daughter. Thanks for great inspiration, I'm sure he won't be leaving until Tuesday morning....

  9. That's what I call hospitality! I don't think I can blame her... ;)

  10. This is very nice!
    From now on, all the hikers reading this story will expect to bump into some pretty farmer's daughter out there... : )