Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrity Pass: Update

...or "A Changing of the Guard"

When I wrote my Celebrity Pass post in July, I gave all five spots on my list to Salma Hayek. In hindsight, this seems short-sighted. While my opinion of Salma hasn't changed, recent events have made an update necessary, and she's going to have to make room for someone else on my list. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Ms. Katy Perry.

I'm not a close follower of pop culture, but others in the house are (and I always seem to pick up by osmosis what's going on with those wacky Kardashians.) But the sight of Katy Perry makes me say, "Great horney toads!" (to use an expression from one of my favorite cartoon characters.)

She has a body right out of a wet dream, and that playful twinkle in her eye starts my engine running....

I'm not sure where she fits on my list (and don't worry, Salma, you're still #1) - but she's definitely on it.


  1. I'll say the same: I look like Katy!! ;) I still prefer Salma, but Katy has something very "pin-up"-y about her.

  2. Yup, gotta love Katy. I think Salma can scooch over a bit to make room (btw, I'm in agreement with you on her as well).

    What can I say? You have good taste!