Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tracing the Circle

Unhurried Sunday afternoon foreplay...our bodies relaxed and naked on the bed. My hands explore your body as we kiss. I'm not specifically trying to arouse just feels so good to touch you, my finger-tips gliding over your soft skin.

My hands inevitably find your breasts, and I cup and massage them...squeezing gently, then tweaking your nipples...lightly pinching them, and tracing circles around your hard buds.

I bend down to take a nipple in my mouth and suck, as my hands wander down across your belly. I'm in no hurry...I caress your belly, moving downwards slowly. My fingers finally reach your soft fur, and I stroke your mound. I feel the anticipation...your rising arousal and increasing eagerness for me to touch you. Your legs spread wider, and you try to shift your hips to get my hand on your pussy...but I release your nipple from my mouth, smile, and nod "no." Soon, but not yet.

I stroke your trimmed bush, then move back up to your belly, teasing you. I move down into your trimmed bush again, then further down, finally cupping your pussy...easing your frustration. I massage slowly...moving up and down...then side to side...finally in slow circles. Your soft moans of contentment are music to my ears.

I spread your pussy lips with two fingers and slide a finger up and down. You're warm and juicy, and my finger easily slides up and down between your lips. I get my finger wet and move up to circle your clit. You groan out loud as I circle it again, moving ever so slowly, then I move back down between your spread lips. I can hardly believe how wet you are.

I push my middle finger slowly and insistently into your hot pussy. You grip my one finger so wonder it feels so amazing to push my thick cock into you....

I withdraw my finger, then slowly push it into you again. I pull out and circle your clit, then I gather your juice and bring my finger to your mouth. You open your mouth, but instead of giving you my finger to suck, I touch it to your lips and start tracing the circle of your mouth. Your tongue darts out to taste yourself, as I continue tracing the slow circle with my finger.

I finally slide my finger into your open mouth, letting you suck it clean, and giving you a taste of your sweet pussy. Then I move on top of you, between your spread legs. I kiss you lips devouring tongue tracing the circle of your lips...tasting your sweet pussy as I get ready to take you....