Monday, August 30, 2010

Too Much....

Actual snippet of conversation from this past weekend.

"This isn't lovemaking. You're *taking* me." This in a tone of mock surprise, as if you've just realized what's happening.

I agree, laughing my evil laugh. I'm on top of you, holding your arms high above your head, pounding your tight little pussy hard and fast. I stretch your arms slightly higher, spreading you wider underneath me. You feel the weight of my body on you, and my tongue pushes deep in your mouth.

More mock outrage. "You are, you're taking me. I can't move."

Another evil laugh rumbles from my throat. Protest all you want, I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

I thrust hard, pushing my cock deep into you, and I hold myself there, balls deep in your tight wet snatch. I grind into you...drilling you to the bed...trying to get a fraction of an inch deeper.

You gasp. "That's too much cock!"

I laugh incredulously. "Too much cock?"

You gasp again. "Too much cock! What am I supposed to do with all that?!?"

I grin my evil grin. "You're already doing it. You're supposed to spread wide and take it."

As if you didn't know.


  1. That was great! Sex and laugh is a very good combination...

  2. I love it! I love the writing and the fact that you do it... :) I think most women want this...some more...some less.

  3. Oh my! So, so hot! I want to be taken like this.

    And too much cock? Ridiculous, I say!