Monday, August 23, 2010

Head Game

I lay back on the bed and guide your head to my cock. You tease me that I'm still like a teenage boy - already fully erect from the anticipation. I laugh, knowing it's true...then groan softly as you take my cock into your mouth. You start sucking, slowly bobbing up and down on my thick shaft. But I have a game in mind tonight.

As you come up to the head, I wrap my thumb and forefinger around my shaft right below the head. This makes a ring, and limits how much you can take in. You groan in frustration and your lips push against my hand, but I'm not letting you take any more. You suck my cock-head hard, and I feel your tongue lashing around it.

I lower my hand an inch down my shaft, and you immediately take in all I'm giving you. You bob up and down on the first inch of my cock...your lips pressing against the ring of my fingers. I lower the ring another inch...and then another. Each time your lips immediately hit the limit of my fingers. My right hand moves to the back of your head and my fingers wrap in your hair. I guide you up and down...pushing you down...filling your mouth with my hard cock.

I lower the ring of my fingers another inch, and now the game becomes "how much can you take?" I feel you open your throat, and your lips easily push up against my fingers. I relax back into the bed and savor every sensation. This feels amazing, and I know you want more. I lower my fingers another inch, and I can feel you straining to take me in. Your lips barely touch my fingers, and I think we've reached the limit. Sure enough, when I lower my fingers another half inch, your lips can't reach.

I raise my fingers an inch, and now you can take me in comfortably, and I let you suck my cock...your lips gliding up and down my shaft. Then I release the ring of my thumb and finger, and release my hand from the back of your head. You continue sucking, knowing this game is over...but that I have lots more.


  1. SMILES! Hot! Feeling like a voyeur ;)

  2. Very hot writing!
    You always have games on your mind, don't you? This is what makes things interesting...: )

  3. Really hot - love your games! ;)