Thursday, August 5, 2010

FFF: Mercy

It started as a playful challenge, when I mentioned that I could eat your pussy until you begged me for mercy. You said you loved it so much that you would *never* ask me to stop. The next time we were together, I decided to find out.

I undressed you slowly, planting kisses on each newly-exposed area, making you squirm with delight. You were dying with anticipation when I finally reached your pussy. I spread you wide and slowly made love to you with my lips and tongue.

After your first orgasm, I slid a finger into your juicy depths...and then a second...slowly pumping them in and out as I continued eating you. You came a second time...and then I lost count.

I could feel you building to a huge climax, and I sucked your clit into my mouth. You came with an intensity I'd never experienced before...your whole body clenching...your back arching off the bed, as your screams filled the room.

You slowly came down...drifting, floating, crashing to earth. I was ready to renew my assault, when I heard you gasp, "Mercy!"

The challenge this week was: 134-184 words.
The phrase "...drifting, floating, crashing to earth..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Oh, man, do I love playing that game: "keep going until she begs me to stop". This brought back some great memories. Thanks for joining us again this week!

    -- PB

  2. This was tender, playful, and sexy, all wrapped up in one toasty package. Speaking as someone who's played variations of this game both as the giver and receiver, you've captured the emotions of it wonderfully.

  3. Mmmmm wonderful game but I think she gave up to soon ;)

  4. I love this, its a cheeky playful game :)

    I second Lexi, on how you have wrapped up the picture you have written in a toasty, sexy, cute way :)

  5. Now, THIS is my kind of game. ;-)


  6. Awesome, Max! This is hot... My kind of game too.; )

  7. Oh lovely!!! What a bet to loose!!!

  8. HHmmm! It also brought back memories, lovely - Sigh!