Thursday, August 19, 2010

FFF: French Decadence

The open hostility never failed to amuse me. Never from the Countess herself, of course – from the ladies-in-waiting. They couldn't accept that their lady had taken me, the gardener, as her lover. Such glares they gave me as I walked into the bed-chamber, discarding my dirt- and sweat-stained clothes. Their eyes were somehow accusing, but I didn't care.

I smiled at the first lady-in-waiting. "Is she wet? Is she ready for me?"

She smiled coldly. "Of course. She’s always ready for you."

"Good, spread her legs wide."

Her ladies lifted the Countess's dress and spread her legs. Her pussy was visibly wet. I pushed my cock-head between her pussy lips and got ready to fuck her properly. At my nod, the Countess dismissed the little bitches. The last thing they heard was a loud moan of pleasure.

The challenge this week was: 87-137 words.
The phrase "...their eyes were somehow accusing..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. French Decadence appeals a lot to me! Now I would love to read the rest of the imagination is running wild!

  2. You never fail to amuse me, Max! I loved your story : )

  3. Ahahahahahaha. Shades of Guy de Maupassant. I feel bad for her ladies-in-waiting, though. Maybe they wanted to join in too and that's why they were so mad.

    Happy FFF!

    -- PB

  4. I've been saying this all day, but I'll say it again: SEXY! My only sorrow is that he's dismissing the ladies-in-waiting; doesn't he know that two's company, three's exciting, and four is *insert sounds of Barry White here*. But if he doesn't wan them, I'd be happy to keep them occupied...

  5. Sounds like the lady chose well. Very well. ;-)


  6. Mmmmm excellent set up and I have no doubt the finish was just as climactic.... Delicious and naughty.

  7. Oh lovely! I always enjoy a bit of gardner.... teehee.... Is the Lady's name Chatterly?

  8. At least two people have set the story as French. Interesting, what does that say about the French?

  9. Oui, very decadent!!

  10. I'm late to read and comment...but wonderfully, lustily done!

    He may be a gardener...but He's certainly the one in control...