Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake House Surprise (Part 1)

A whole group of us were enjoying a summer weekend at a friend's lake house. I had been dating my then-girlfriend for over a year, and got along well with her friends. I especially got along well with her best friend Karen. Karen was something of a wild child, bubbly and outgoing, where we were more quiet and sedate. But the friendship worked, and we always looked forward to the tales of her crazy adventures.

Karen was a classic German blonde - tall, solid, busty, and quite attractive. I used to joke with her that she would look perfect in the opera - wearing armor and a helmet with horns, carrying a spear. She also had a sexual aura around her that was unmistakable. She struck me as a tigress, and I often fantasized about what it would be like to be with her.

It was a perfect summer weekend - hot sun, blue sky, cool water. Their house was right on the lake, and we took full advantage of the day - alternately sunning on the beach and splashing in the water. Karen was wearing a bikini that had my full attention, and I was happy to be wearing sunglasses, so I could ogle her without being too obvious (and without making my girlfriend angry.) I marveled at how her bikini top could hold her big breasts so nicely in place... and was unable to take my eyes off of her magnificent cleavage.

By the middle of the afternoon, everyone's energy was flagging. A few people were sunning on the beach, and some were lounging un chairs back under the trees. I told my girlfriend I was going in the house for a short nap. I quietly went inside and upstairs to the bedroom we were using. It was on the second floor at the end of the hall, and I thought it would be both quiet and private - quiet for my nap, and private so that I could give myself some relief. The tease of watching Karen's bikini-clad body all day had worked me up to a fever pitch, and my always-active imagination was full to overflowing. I desperately needed to let loose.

The house was quiet, and I could hear the soft murmur of people talking through the open window. I left the door open a crack, figuring I would hear anyone coming up the stairs and down the hall toward my room. I stepped out of my bathing suit and laid down naked on the bed. The sheets were soft and cool, and I laid there for a moment enjoying the sensations of the breeze on my body.

My cock was throbbing with need, and it felt so good to reach down and hold it in my hand. I started growing at the first stroke, and was fully erect in no time. I stroked myself slowly, teasingly.... Running my finger tips from the base of my cock up to the head...circling the head slowly...then running back down my shaft to the base. I cupped my balls and squeezed them gently. They felt heavy and full of cum.

I could have brought myself off quickly, but it felt so good that I wanted it to last.... So I slowed down, keeping myself close to the edge, but never letting myself get too close. Of course I was fantasizing about Karen...Karen taking off her bikini top and showing me her tits...Karen naked on the bed with me...Karen wrapping her tits around my cock...sucking my cock into her mouth....

I realized with a start that I had been completely lost in my fantasy. Recovering a small portion of my wits, I tried to convince myself that I would have heard anyone coming up the stairs. I glanced at the door, and there was Karen. She looked completely stunned, her eyes glued on my erection....


  1. Getting sort of caught, huh? ;-)

  2. lol, sweet start. got me panting.... k... catch breath.... here's to hoping karen gets involved....