Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Morning

The hour is still early, but the sun is already bright and streaming in through the closed curtains. I can tell by your breathing that you're somewhere on the boundary between asleep and awake. I let you rest for a little while longer while I lay still, completely relaxed, listening to your breath. You're facing away from me, and I finally move in close and hold you from behind. My cock is fully erect, and nestles in between your ass cheeks. You wiggle your ass ever so slightly back into me, and that's all the prompting I need.

I'm naked, and the thin fabric of your nightgown is all that's between us. I can feel the heat of your body, and you wiggle your ass just the tiniest bit back into me again. I grasp the bottom of your nightgown and pull it up. You groggily lift yourself enough for me to lift it off you. You collapse back onto the bed, still facing away from me, and I'm grinding my cock between your soft ass cheeks as my hands move to your breasts. I cup them, and start slowly playing with your nipples. They harden quickly for me, and I hear you take a deep breath as you slowly come to consciousness. Your hips are grinding back into me in slow circles, as I play with your nipples and my lips nibble your neck.

I whisper, "Good morning" in your ear, and you give me a contented-sounding "Good morning" in return. You arch your hips back into me, and I can't help subtly thrusting. But it won't work from this position yet.

I come up to kneeling and roll you onto your back. You give me a sleepy smile as I spread your legs open, pushing your knees up and apart. You half-heartedly protest that you haven't showered, but I gave you an evil grin and tell you I don't care. And not only don't I care, you know I like you unshowered in the morning.

I love the trimmed reddish fur around your pussy, and I pause for a moment to look at your reclining body in the early morning light. Then I take one of your feet, and slowly kiss upwards...from your calf, to your knee, to your thigh.... I watch you looking at me...kissing your inner thigh...getting closer.... You give me a soft groan of pleading, and I end the teasing...spreading your pussy lips with two of my fingers, and sliding my tongue into your steamy wet slit. I love your taste first thng in the morning...extra warm and fermented, yet somehow pure and clean at the same time.

I lick you slowly and tongue circling your clit, then sliding down between your lips...pushing in...then slithering from side to side. I could do this all morning, but you want more. You pull me up to kiss you, and I happily meet your lips. You draw my tongue into your mouth so you can taste yourself on me...sucking hungrily on my pussy-coated tongue. You bring your knees up, and I position my cock at your entrance. I slide it up and down between your pussy lips, and then I slowly lower myself big cock-head pushing into you...spreading you wide as I start to penetrate you.

We both groan as my cock pushes insistently in...your pussy opening to swallow me...entering inch by inch, until I'm fully in, balls deep. I continue grinding into hips against yours. I can feel you squeezing me, and I slowly withdraw and then slide in again. I raise my chest up above you so I can look down into your eyes. Every stroke is ecstasy, and you know I love making love in the daylight, when I can look down and see my cock sliding in and out of your hot pussy. Then I lower myself down on you, my full body weight pressing on you as I continue pumping you full of my cock.

You wrap your legs around me, and we kiss deeply again, tongues dancing. This is so good that I want to last all day, but I know it won't be long. I try to slow down to prolong it, but you don't let me. You're thrusting your hips upward urgently...insistently...and I give in, knowing that I can't stop it.

I whisper in your ear that I'm going to cum, and you moan and move into a higher gear...your hips a blur...your pussy milking me. I feel my orgasm rising in my balls, and the wave of pleasure rises and washes over me. I'm vaguely aware of a roar coming out of my throat as my cock shoots what feels like ropes of hot cum deep inside you. You're half a step behind me, but the feeling of my cum shooting inside you pushes you over the edge, and your orgasm is long and intense. You're still lost in your climax as I start to come down, and even though I should be used to it by now, I'm still amazed at the length and intensity of your orgasms.

I collapse on top of you, still connected in the most intimate of ways. We drink in the sensations of our bodies locked together...steamy hot, wet, sticky, delicious. We kiss and cuddle, then finally separate to shower and then start the day. I know I'll have an extra spring in my step, and that no matter what the day brings, it's already been a very good morning.


  1. Sounds like a perfect way to start the day!

  2. I'd want that every morning!!!

  3. It may be a good morning for you, but that's going to give me sweet dreams tonight!

  4. How delicious this sounded, a lovely way to start the day.