Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach House

Time at a beach house with the whole family is a good thing, but it's hard to find alone time. So when I wake up with your warm body pressed into mine, my morning erection pressed into your soft ass, I'm more than ready. I hold you from behind and stroke you gently. You press back into me and groan softly when my lips find your neck. Your hips can't help themselves, and I feel the slight backward thrusts into me...and I unconsciously match your rhythm, thrusting toward you.

You turn your head to whisper, "You know I want to, but the house is full of people. The kids in the next room through the paper-thin wall. Your parents downstairs...."

I continue kissing your neck, and our hips continue their dance as I think of how we could manage it. Then it comes to me. "The bathroom. It's away from the other upstairs rooms, and if we're quiet, no one downstairs will hear."

You sound skeptical. "The bathroom? Where in that little bathroom?"

"Come on, I'll show you."

I throw the sheet off, and you can't help but smile when you see my fully-erect cock spring free. "You really are insatiable, aren't you?"

I just smile my evil grin, help you out of bed, and lead you into the bathroom. Closing the door, I pin you against the door for a kiss. My hands explore your body, still steamy warm from the bed, and one hand finally makes its way into your pajama bottoms. You break the kiss, still skeptical. "Where? How?"

I turn you away from me and guide you the two steps to the window. I grind my body into your back, then take your pajama bottoms down in one motion. You grab the window frame, quietly protesting. "Here in the window? You can't be serious?!? Anyone walking past could see me."

I bend you over, stroking your pussy from behind, talking quietly as I move. "No one's going to see anything. No one's out in the morning, and if anyone did walk past, they would just see you from the waist up, where you're clothed."

You don't sound convinced, but you don't stop me either. You're bent at the waist, hands gripping the window frame, and I'm fingering you from behind. Moving closer, I withdraw my finger and guide my cock to your pussy. I rub the head of my cock up and down...back and forth...getting myself lubed with your wetness. I can feel the heat of your pussy and I'm desperate to be inside you.

I spread your legs a little wider and push forward with my hips. My cock-head penetrates you, and the warm wetness is delicious. You stop me after the first inch and adjust your position. You indicate that you're comfortable, and I hold your hips firmly with both hands and thrust slowly and insistently into you.

I don't stop thrusting until I'm balls deep, and it takes all my energy to keep from moaning out loud. I can tell you're biting your lip and straining to keep quiet. I stay there for a moment, reveling in the sensations, and then I slowly withdraw...then slowly thrust in again. Part of me is hyper-aware of any sounds from the rest of the house, but another part of me is giddy with the thought of fucking you from behind, in the beach house window.

You know what a visual beast I am, and how much I love to watch my cock sliding in and out of you. We're an erotic vision...your pussy grasping my cock...reluctantly letting it go...sliding out of you...rock hard, shiny from your flowing juices...the mushroom head appearing briefly, before I thrust into you again...inch after inch of my hard shaft sliding into you.

As much as I want to make this last, I also know that we should be quick. I thrust harder and faster, and I know you're having trouble keeping quiet. I grab your hips firmly and thrust hard. Your pussy feels like liquid fire, and your juices are flowing. Every stroke makes a wonderful squishing sound, and I can feel the wetness on my balls and thighs. I become aware that you're moaning softly, and I whisper that we need to be quiet.

I feel my climax building at the base of my balls...rising...unstoppable...and then I'm whole body tensing...savagely gripping your hips...shooting my pent up load deep into you. I stay there, locked together with you, as I start to come down. As I start to regain my senses, I can feel you climaxing around my cock...your breath coming in short urgent gasps. We come down gradually together, and I finally step back and let my slowly-deflating cock slide out of you. You turn and hug me tight, our lips meeting in a soft lingering kiss.

I'm happy, sated (for the moment,) and ready for a beach day with the family. You smack me on the ass and say with a grin, "That was good. But you're *so* bad."

I just smile, knowing I can't argue.


  1. Fantastic writing, very sexy! x

  2. Insatiable bad boy. What a great read to start the week!! :)

  3. I'd love to be there in your beach house...