Thursday, June 24, 2010


Your instructions are short and clear - lay down on the bed and pleasure yourself while I watch. I sit down in the chair and watch you peel off the rest of your clothes and lay back on the bed. You reach for the drawer of the nightstand, but I nod "no." No toys, just your fingers. You smile and lay back. I'm looking at your body with appreciation, and my wandering gaze makes your skin warm.

I watch you caress your breasts...squeezing them gently...then moving to your nipples. I know you love how I play with your nipples, and you start gently...and then you get more intense...squeezing hard, stretching your nipples. You surprise me with how rough you can be with yourself...pinching and twisting your hard buds. You open your eyes to look at me watching you, and then close them again...losing yourself in the sensations.

I watch one hand move down across your belly, into your trimmed bush, down to cup your pussy. I watch you rubbing...slowly circling your clit. You spread your legs wide, showing me how wet you are...daring me to stay in my chair and not come and take you hard.

As tempting as that is, I want to prolong the tease. I want to watch you...until the tension is unbearable.

You're rubbing your pussy harder and faster, and I love hearing the wet squishy sounds your fingers make. I can tell you're quickly building to a huge orgasm...but you're moving too fast, and I decide to slow you down.

I tell you to look at me. And to NOT let yourself cum. Keep yourself on the edge, but do not go over. And keep your gaze on me...I want to watch the look on your face as you try to keep from cumming....


  1. Why, Max. That's just *awful*. ;)

  2. Hot! I kind of grimace when I cum. I wonder how I look forcing myself NOT to cum. Hmmm.

  3. That's the kind of show I've always wanted to put on for my ex-lover, but never got around to it!!! Very hot... but not cruel if you intend on helping, right? ;-)

  4. Thinking, never played this game actually.