Thursday, June 10, 2010

FFF: Busted

My blood ran cold. Busted, totally busted.

I had discovered that if I tilted my window-shade just right that I could see into her room. I’d been watching her for the past few weeks. Sometimes watching her undress and get ready for bed...sometimes bringing men home and fucking them silly.

I had countless orgasms watching her. And now I knew her routine. I knew every motion she made, every nuance of her expression...I had memorized her every curve.

But it seems she knew I was watching. I was mesmerized by the sight of them embracing...undressing. Then the door opened...the second man entering. She turned and stared at me, inviting me to join them.

The challenge this week was: 113 words.
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  1. If you had to be busted, might as well make it something really fun! Happy FFF!:)

  2. Ummm, such a friendly girl. She shares so well! Happy FFF, Max.

  3. Busted, yet invited to join the party! HFFF :)

  4. Man, all KINDS of people are coming up with awesome and unexpected twists. Quite frankly, I'd never even thought of this approach. I'm glad you did; it was nicely done! Thanks for playing along this week.

    -- PB

  5. Yay, another happy ending! Her eyes do look inviting now that it's been pointed out to me. And the play on "busted" too...

  6. The watcher watching the watched as she watches the new watcher watching them all..

    I am exhausted !!

  7. ah the hidden other other voyeur! Very nice! Well done :)

  8. They are undoubtedly French then... *laughs*

    Nice piece, this.

    Happy Saturday.

  9. French? Why? lol! that was nice!