Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Taste of Honey

You lift your hips, helping me take your pajama bottoms off as you lay on the bed. Kneeling at your feet, I toss them to the floor, then I spread your legs and move in between them. I get hands on your calves, then behind your knees, then on your thighs. Your skin is warm and soft, and I guide your legs further apart.

The sight of your pussy always makes my heart skip a beat. The trimmed reddish bush...the outer lips slightly parted, showing me how wet you are with anticipation...the lustful smile on your face as you look down at me. You know I'm going to pleasure you until you beg me for mercy. Settle back and enjoy, there's all the time in the world.

My hands move up your thighs, stroking gently...almost touching your pussy, but not quite. You squirm in frustration, and I finally stroke you as lightly as possible...just barely touching you...spreading your lips and touching your clit for the first time. I gently trace small circles around it, then give your whole pubic area a light circular massage. You spread wider, giving me free access, and I watch your reactions for a minute...and then decide I have to taste you.

You look down when I stop the massage, and watch my face moving close you can feel my breath on your pussy. I hear your intake of breath as my tongue finally flicks out and slides between your pussy lips. I lick slowly up and down, tasting your sweet juices. I work my way up to your clit...licking it slowly and teasingly. Then I slide my tongue down, pushing it as deep as I can get into you.

You're writhing under me...hands on my head to hold me in place. But I won't be rushed. I vary the pressure from the slowest, lightest touches of my tongue to full-scale assault...then I back off again to slow gentle licks.

You're moaning and gasping...letting me know that you're on your way to a I slow down...backing off...teasing you. I bring you back toward the edge of climax, but I back off again...not letting you go over. You groan, "Noooo...." when I back off one more time, but you know we'll get there eventually.

I bring you back up...ever so slowly...increasing the pressure of my tongue...licking up and down, then side to side...circling your clit with my tongue...finally sucking your sensitive bud into my mouth as I slide my middle finger into your soaking wet snatch.

That pushes you over the edge, as I knew it would, and you scream out in pleasure as your orgasm hits you. You gush more sweetness onto my tongue, and I feel your muscles squeezing my finger relentlessly. Still sucking your clit, I lighten the pressure as your orgasm continues, then starts to subside. I lighten the pressure more as you come down, until my tongue is just touching your spread pussy...not moving, but you can still feel the wet contact.

You give a deep sigh, and finally muster the energy to tell me that I've slain you...that you're completely used up. But you see me come to my knees, my cock rock hard and throbbing, and you know that's not true...that we've just begun.


  1. Very hot. I love it. Strange how we find extra stores of energy for lovin' :)

  2. wow. loved this one, very hot.