Sunday, May 9, 2010


We both groan as I slide into your warm wetness. I love the feel of my body on top of yours, full skin-on-skin contact. My cock is rock hard, and slowly penetrates you as my hips push forward...inch by inch pushing further into your depths. Finally I'm completely in...balls deep...and the feel of your pussy squeezing the base of my cock is exquisite. I stay there motionless for some time, just feeling the sensations of our bodies locked together.

I slowly withdraw, then just as slowly push in again. You're so wet that my thickness slides easily in. Your legs spread even wider, and I lift your hands over your head as I thrust. I take your hands in mine, intertwining our fingers, and hold your arms firmly above your head. You're pinned now...wide open under me. My mouth finds yours, and I push my tongue into your open mouth as I start to fuck you with a little more urgency.

You're making small whimpering sounds as my cock makes each thrust into you...pinned to the bed underneath me. But even though I have your body pinned, your hips can move, and they're telling me you want everything I have. That's perfect - I feel like a I can last all night...fuck you until you beg me for mercy. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I take it up another gear, fucking you harder and faster. You respond instantly, meeting each thrust, still demanding more. I can tell by your sounds and movements that it won't be long until your first orgasm of the night, and I'm going to make it a good one. I stretch your arms out a little tighter over your head, reminding you that you're powerless underneath me. I kick it up one more gear...fucking you cock pistoning in and out of your spasming pussy. I feel you go over the edge, your voice in my ear..."Oh god oh god oh god oh god...." That's music to my ears, and I don't relent until I feel you start to come down...then I slow down to the slowest, gentlest pace you a moment to recover.

You finally recover your wits enough to say "You're wicked." I can only smile in agreement, because I know it's true...and because you know that I'm just getting started.


  1. She's such a lucky woman to have such a wicked man! *sigh*

    Seriously, that was just wow.

  2. Gotta love wicked starts and finishes. :)

  3. *light bulb clicks on* Oooo I get it now.. Awesome piece, just getting started indeed. Do we get to hear how the night continued on?;)