Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jim and Lisa (Part 4)

The look on her face was a mix of shock and arousal. The ice water made the tank-top deliciously transparent, and her nipples looked, if possible, even thicker and harder than before. Jim was grinning and looking like he hadn't expected that.

I turned her to face him and moved behind her again. Speaking to Jim, "I think I should get her out of these wet clothes." I grabbed the bottom of her tank-top and peeled it over her head, then slid her panties down her legs and off. She started to turn toward me, but I held her in place, facing away from me at the side of the loveseat and toward Jim. I took off my shirt and used it to blot some of the cold water from her body. I tossed my shirt aside, then quickly stepped out of the rest of my clothes, and moved in behind her and held her close.

The contrast of my warm hands and body against her cold skin felt great. My body pressed into hers, and I could feel her pressing back into me. My cock was raging hard, and pressed into the small of her back. She scooted up on her tip-toes to feel my length with her ass cheeks, and I bent my knees slightly and pressed my cock between her cool cheeks. But I held her there, wanting to explore her body more...prolonging the tease.

My hands wrapped around her, moving to her tits again. They were heavy in my hands, and I kneaded them firmly. She moaned out loud when I touched her nipples, and I pinched, stretched, and twisted them with increasing roughness. I badly wanted to suck them, but I liked this position behind her, and wanted to put on a show for Jim.

I continued caressing her body, trying to feel every inch of her soft skin. My hands wandered down her belly...lower...lower...until I finally felt her soft bush. My lips moved again to the side of her neck...kissing and sucking, as my fingers moved down to her pussy. She moaned out loud again as I spread her lips and slid a finger up and down her slit. She was soaked, and I easily slid up and down. When I moved up to her clit and circled it slowly, her whole body clenched in orgasm, and a gush of juice coated my fingers.

I continued to finger her slowly. Her moans were non-stop now, and her ass wouldn't stop wiggling against my cock. I talked to Jim again. "She really is a hot little number."

I got two fingers good and slick with her pussy juice, then brought them to her mouth. She opened, but instead of sliding my fingers in, I traced her lips with her juice. Then I pushed my fingers into her pussy for the first time. She moaned as if another orgasm was imminent, but I pulled my fingers out and moved them back to her mouth. She opened again, and this time I slid them in. She sucked hungrily, tasting herself...licking and sucking my fingers, trying to get every drop of her honey.

I wanted a taste too, but I wanted it from her lips. I coated my fingers again, and smeared it on her lips. Then I turned her head and kissed her hard from behind. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, tasting pussy on her lips. I licked her lips, then thrust my tongue into her open mouth again.

She was frantic with need, and I couldn't wait much longer either. I bent her over the arm of the loveseat. She braced herslf with her hands as I spread her legs. I teased her...sliding my cock up and down slowly between her ass cheeks. She was making desperate whimpering sounds, and arched her back further, spreading herself open and presenting herself to me.

My cock was as hard as steel, and I moved my head to her slick pussy. She groaned with pleasure as she felt my cock-head nestle in between her pussy lips. She tried to thrust back into me, but I held her firmly in place. I spoke again to Jim, who had a kind of dazed smile on his face. "She really has a hot little pussy."

She was moaning in frustration, and the air was thick with anticipation. I could feel my cock-head between her slippery lips, and one little thrust of my hips would push my shaft inside her. I held her hips firmly and spoke to her. "I'm going to fuck you."

Desperately, "God, yes."

Waiting...almost....just one more second....

"Please, please...please fuck me."

I pushed forward with my hips, watching giddily as the head of my cock stretched her pussy lips wide and slid inside her...inch after inch of my shaft pushing in. We both moaned loud and long as I penetrated her slick pussy....thrusting...thusting...until I was balls deep inside her....

(Continued here.)