Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jim and Lisa (Part 2)

Oh yes, I was definitely going to proceed...but how? The thought also struck me that while I now knew their plan, Jim didn't know that I knew. Also, I hadn't responded to Lisa one way or the other, so she didn't know what I was thinking. But I certainly didn't know the entire background, and felt the need to tread very gingerly and make sure everyone was okay at every point.

I was sitting at one end of a loveseat, Jim was sitting back in a comfy chair opposite me, and Lisa was getting beers from the bar fridge. She handed Jim a beer, then walked over to me. As she was about to hand me a beer, my phone buzzed with a message. I fumbled with my phone, looked up at her and said, "Wait a second." Meaning that I couldn't take the beer bottle from her until I put my phone down. But she flinched slightly and stood frozen right there, standing at the side of the love seat.

My mind reeled again, still half-disbelieving, even after our short exchange while Jim was in the bathroom. She was literally doing what I told her to do. I looked at Jim, but he was expressionless. More than anything, I wanted to know what was going through my friend's head. If I had picked up the slightest air of resistance, discomfort, or jealousy from either of them, I would have stopped it cold. But all I could pick up was anticipation, and it was a huge rush to know that she was waiting for my requests, so I continued.

"You have a beautiful wife." This was addressed to Jim...talking to him as if it was just the two of if she wasn't standing next to me, waiting for my next word or action.

He smiled and nodded his agreement, but not speaking. I understood I was to continue. I turned my head to look at her, appraising her like I would if Jim asked me what I thought of his new car or new golf clubs. I nodded appreciatively. "Damn sexy too."

She was looking down, but I could see her blush. I reached over to touch her hand touching just above her ankle, and stroking upwards to her calf. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch. There was nothing overtly sexual in my touch, but we all knew that a boundary had been crossed. I heard her breathing quicken slightly, and I could feel her quivering. She knew she hadn't been given permission to move.

I was still speaking to Jim. "You're a lucky man...." Another nod of agreement and smile of encouragement. I was still seated...caressing both her legs from the ankle to above the knee. A few more moments passed in silence. I was ready to take things further, but I wanted to tease them both...and myself as well.

I stood up and moved behind her, putting my hands on her waist...still a slight distance between us. She was facing the arm of the loveseat, and Jim was sitting opposite. I was a full head taller than her and could smell the flowery scent of her hair.

Still talking to Jim, "She really has an amazing body...." Another nod of encouragement from him. My hands carressed her waist, and she leaned back into me, so my chest was now pressed into her back.

"Fantastic tits." She stifled a soft moan at hearing this, and pressed back harder into me. I was tempted to move my hands up from her waist and cup them, but I didn't want to feel them through her bra. I spun her around to face me, moved back a step, and finally addressed her.

"Take off your bra."

(Continued here.)