Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jim and Lisa (Part 1)

Jim and I were friends from way back. Now that we were family men, we didn't see as much of each other as we used to "back in the day", but we still got together when we could, and sometimes with the wives, who got along well. I knew his wife, Lisa, almost as long as I'd known Jim. She was sweet and bubbly, very devoted to Jim and their kids, and still quite attractive in her early 40's.

The two of us were out golfing one hot Sunday afternoon, when he said, "You know, Lisa likes you." I wasn't sure what he meant, or how to respond, and I finally managed to get out that I liked her too. Which of course I did. He let it drop there, but I had the feeling there was something more he wanted to say.

We had never really discussed the intimate details of our marriages, and my mind was spinning with ideas of what he might have meant. I not only liked his wife, I admit to enjoying the occasional fantasy of what she might be like in bed. She was what we used to call "short and stacked" - short, curvy, and busty - and she had something of a sensual "Earth mother" aura about her that I found very appealing.

After our round, he invited me back to his house for a beer - which sounded great. I also wondered if he would follow up on his statement from the golf course. When we arrived, I was surprised by the silent house. He said the kids were out at a soccer tournament, and Lisa was probaby out back gardening. He shouted that we were home, and we went downstairs to his basement, which he has finished into a nice little bar and rec area.

We had just gotten downstairs we when heard footsteps at the top of the stairs. She called out a greeting and came down, greeting us each with a warm hug. She had obviously been gardening, and looked great in khaki shorts and a white tank-top, her shoulder-length dark hair pulled back in a pony-tail - and she looked all the better for being slightly mussed and sweaty. Jim asked if she would get him a beer, and then asked me what she could get me. I said a beer would be fine, and he made a joke to Lisa about treating me right, as their guest. She returned with the beers, and told me with a smile to please let her know if there was anything she could do for me.

Interesting choices of words from both of them...and something wasn't quite normal - she was nervous about something, and trying not to let it show. If Jim hadn't said what he said on the golf course, I wouldn't have thought twice about these exchanges in the basement. But now there seemed to be a subtext, and I was trying to figure out if something was actually going on, or if my active imagination was a bit overactive. I didn't want to be wrong, and say or do something inappropriate, but I was highly tuned to every word and motion.

She had a beer for herself, and sat talking with us. I became more certain that something was going on - she kept giving Jim subtle sideways glances, as if waiting for a cue from him. When Jim got up to use the bathroom, I decided I would ask her directly. As soon as he closed the bathroom door I turned to her and asked, "What's going on?"

If she had said "Nothing," or acted confused, I would have let it drop. But she caved. "We were hoping... Jim thought.... We thought...."

I talked low and quickly, wanting to figure out what was going on before Jim came back out of the bathroom. "You want me to join the two of you in bed?"

"No, just me. Jim wants to watch." My mind reeled. But then I thought that maybe he was putting her up to this. I wasn't interested unless she wanted it.

"You want this?"

"Yes, very much." And she averted her gaze and blushed a bright pink.

We heard the toilet flush. She hurriedly whispered, "Take, don't ask," as she got up to get another round of beers.

I was stunned and had a lot of questions, but the opening of the bathroom door brought me back to the present. A wave of adrenaline washed over me. I was very aroused, but still trying to make sense of it. I was going to proceed, but very slowly and carefully.

(Continued here.)


  1. Ooooo this is hot. You definitely have talent! I am very interested in see what happens next.;)

  2. Good thing about reading posts late... I don't have to wait long for #2!

    Sounds exciting though... that's a fantasy of mine!

  3. Getting very interesting indeed!