Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jim and Lisa (Finale)

God it felt fantastic. I had her bent over the arm of the loveseat, my hands firmly grasped her hips, and my cock was buried balls-deep in her silky wet snatch. My hips ground into her, trying to get a fraction of an inch deeper. A continuous low moan of pleasure was coming from her.

I slowly withdrew, watching my cock slide out of her, wet and coated with her juices. When I saw the head of my cock appear, I thrust slowly in again. Her pussy was like, warm, wet, welcoming.... I started fucking her with a slow rhythm...long slow her every inch of my cock with every thrust. I felt her pushing back into me...meeting my thrusts with thrusts of her own. Her moans quickly became faster and higher-pitched, and I knew she was building to a big orgasm.

I firmly grasped her pony-tail in my right hand and lifted her to a more vertical position. My lips went to her neck and my hands wrapped around and cupped her tits. I fucked her harder while twisting and pinching her nipples. I felt her build to a climax, and she went over the top intensely and noisily...her whole body clenching, her pussy squeezing my cock.

I knew I couldn't last too much longer, and I needed to really pound her. I bent her fully over the loveseat and really started to plow her. My hands held her hips in place as I savagely thrust into her. She was so wet that my balls and thighs were soaked with her juices, and each thrust made a loud squishy slurping sound. Each hard thrust made her tits bounce wildly. I was aware that I was grunting like a bull...our hips slamming together again and again.

I felt the tingle in my balls, and knew I couldn't hold off any longer. I thrust into her violently one last time, then held her there, grinding into her, my cock completely buried, as my orgasm started. I cried out as my cock started spurting, and she screamed in another orgasm as she felt my load shooting into her. My balls were full, and I knew I was shooting ropes of hot cum deep into her hot pussy.

We stayed frozen in place as I finally stopped spurting. I stay hard and only go down slowly after I cum, and I just stayed there inside her, reveling in the feel of her hot pussy massaging me. I pulled her upright again, my cock still buried in her, and wrapped my arms around her. I turned her head to me and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss, I looked over at Jim, who looked like a man oddly satisfied.

Making eye contact, I said to him, "She's a fantastic fuck."


  1. I'm tingling all over. This is seriously some good writing there. Absolutely hot!!

  2. Omg, I should not have read this before going out tonight. I loved the way you went with the story. Very hot. The ice water, perfect!! I can't wait for your next piece. ;)

  3. FFeewww! I have to go and calm down *ahem*!