Thursday, May 13, 2010

FFF: Elementary

Holmes never missed a thing. "Watson, I believe you're fucking the evidence clerk at Scotland Yard."

I was amazed. "Holmes, how can you tell?"

"Elementary," she said. "That faint ring of red at the base of your cock matches her lipstick. I know I can't swallow that much of your length. Plus, your beard smells of her pussy."

I pondered this. "But Holmes, how do *you* know the smell of her pussy?"

She blushed and gave me self-satisfied grin. I laughed out loud. "What do you say I bring the little slut back here, and we can both have our way with her?"

The challenge this week was: 60-120 words.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. Oh yes, that's a great one!!

  2. LOL...I figured many of us would go the no-shit Sherlock route.

    Nice contribution! Happy FFF!

  3. One of the coolest things about being the host for this is that I read them all in rapid succession and so I get blitzed with a variety of interesting takes on the theme. I think I like yours best so far this week. Elementary, my dear Slutson! The game is afoot.

    -- PB

  4. damn, i wish the word count were longer! ;) happy friday!

  5. We have a winner ! BEST one .. so original ... !


  6. Yes, that fucking Watson is a sneaky one, and just as prone to fuck in the yard as at Scotland yard... *grins*

    Happy Friday.

  7. *laughs* I bet this could go under reminiscing as well as FFF..;)

  8. Okay, that totally cracked me up :)

    xx Dee

  9. Interesting take. I've been enjoying these FFFs. There are times when "slut" is a supreme compliment.