Thursday, May 27, 2010

FFF: Aztec Ritual

"I get to be the warrior queen this time. I was the slave girl last time!"

"You were not!"

It was time for me to step in and stop the bickering. I enjoyed my job as chief curator of the Mexico City Antiquities Museum, and after-hours with my young assistants was the best part of the job.

I said firmly, "Carmina, you’re the slave girl tonight. Now go, both of you, get ready."

Ten minutes later we were in the Aztec Hall. Carmina knelt at my feet and looked up expectantly, while Maria lounged on the animal skin rug. All three of us were naked except for the ceremonial jewelry.

She reached for me, but I nodded "No."

"Serve the queen first. Get her ready for me."

The challenge this week was: 122-128 words.
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  1. What's more fun than dress-up?? ;) Happy FFF, Max!

  2. hehe, brilliant! happy friday!

  3. Yessss!! Loved that. :)

  4. Loved it! Great take on the picture.


  5. Interesting twist. I need those kinds of employment perks :)

  6. Nice! Love the different take on the image.

    Happy FFF!


  7. The King always cum's first *smile* and loved the take on the pic !

  8. It's good to be the "chief"... *laughs*

    Happy Friday.

  9. Ah, role play :) who doesn't like a bit with the right costumes...or in this case...lack thereof?

  10. I laughed at the first line, so it has to be good. And what better argument to be having than who gets to be the slave girl and who gets to be the queen?

  11. Interesting. Fun setting. I love reading all these and not only the different tales to be told but the completely different settings in which that tales take place.


  12. I liked it, but then of course a Warrior Queen would like it ;-)

  13. I love to be a Warrior Quenn, she says with a daunting grin.