Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drinking from a Fire Hose

I laid back on the bed last night, head comfortably on the pillow, holding her closely as she snuggled into my wing. I was absent-mindedly stroking my cock, and she noticed, and then started stroking along with me. Her soft hand felt better than mine, and she took over, slowly and softly stroking. I was fully erect in no time, and she leaned down and took me in her mouth.

One of my hands wrapped in her hair, guiding her up and down as she bobbed on my cock. She licked up and down the underside, then took me back in her mouth, openng her throat and taking more of me in. Then back up towards the head, paying special attention to that sensitive spot on the underside. It felt phenomenal (as it always does!,) and I knew I wouldn't be able to last long.

I listened to her soft hums of pleasure as my cock slid in and out of her lips. I could feel the tell-tale tingle at the base of my balls that meant an orgasm was imminent, and groaned loudly to give her notice. And then I was past the point of no return, waves of exquisite pleasure washing over me, my body tensing, cock spurting...and spurting...and spurting some more. It had probably been close to a week since my last orgasm (which is way way *way* longer than my norm,) and my balls were full to bursting.

She tried to swallow...gulping...gulping...then gagging and coughing as my load kept coming. I held her in place until the last waves were done, then she went to the nightstand drawer for a towel, and laughingly asked me what the hell that was?! There was cum everywhere, including a significant amount in her freshly-washed hair. Cleanup didn't take too long, and we couldn't resist the obvious jokes about cream rinse.

I guess the lesson is, don't let me go a week, or things may become unmanageable.


  1. Oh hell, that is hot!!!

  2. *laughs* I'm sure she'll take that lesson to heart. :P

  3. "I held her in place " is my favorite line.

    A great report.