Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heather (Part 2)

(Continuation of a story that began here, ending with her sitting down on the desk in front of me, putting her feet on the arms of my chair.)

I touched her ankles and l slowly ran my hands up her shins to her knees. Her skirt was still in place, but she was rocked back enough that I could see her thighs up under the skirt, and a flash of white panty where they met. Her legs were smooth and tan and warm to the touch. I tentatively...gingerly nudged her knees slighly further apart, and she smiled, as if giving me the permission that I was wordlessly seeking.

I was still recovering from my surprise at this unexpected turn of events, and I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. Thoughts were flying through my head faster than I could pin them down. "Is this really happening?" "How goddamn cool is this!" "Are we going to get caught/fired/humiliated?"

This last thought settled down long enough to be rationally examined. It did seem relatively safe. I hadn't heard anyone else in the office this morning, and I thought I would hear the door a split second before anyone actually came in. There *was* a chance of being caught, but that just added to the excitement.

It was time to see exactly what was being offered. I slid my hands up the inside of her thighs and she leaned back into a half-sitting, half-reclining position, which lifted her skirt higher on her thighs. I could now see all the way up Broadway. She was wearing plain white cotton bikini panties, and I thought to myself that this was a spur-of-the-moment decision for her. If she had planned this, I'm sure she would have worn something fancier. But the thought that this was spontaneous made me happy. My hands reached the tops of her thighs, and I gently touched her pussy through the soft cotton. She was smiling a very pleased smile at me, and I gently stroked her, feeling the heat of her pussy.

My hands moved to her hips and grasped the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips, and I slid them down her legs and off. I noticed as she steadied herself on the desk that she had removed her engagement ring at some point. I smiled to myself and thought that what Doug doesn't know won't hurt him.

She bunched the skirt up around her waist, and I was looking at the prettiest pussy I had ever seen - either in real life or in the centerfold of a magazine. It was a work of art, puffy outer lips surrounding a perfect pink slit, with a light covering of short red/blonde curls. If this happened today, I'm certain she would shave her pussy, as she was stylish in every way, but this was before the time when that was done.

I'm sure my face showed my admiration for what I was seeing, and she beamed a fairly self-satisfied smile as I spread her legs wider. I had never been with anyone so uninhibited about showing her sex - certainly not with someone who would spread wide on a desktop in broad daylight without the slightest embarassment. I didn't know such women existed, and it was a thrilling discovery I filed away for future reference.

I cupped her pussy with one hand, then ran one finger up and down, tracing her lips, then parting them and feeling her wetness for the first time. I spread her lips with one hand, then got my finger nice and wet and moved up to circle her clit. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I touched her clit, and slowed down, stroking her slowly and gently.

I moved my face closer, to watch as I played with her. I circled her clit slowly, then a little faster, then I slid down between her lips and slid one finger into her. She was absolutely steaming...white hot, juicy wet, and tight as a vise. I slowly pumped my finger in and out, watching her pussy swallow my finger...watchng it come out slick with her juices.

I had to taste her. I pushed her legs even farther apart, and moved my face in closer. I moved slowly, wanting both to tease her and to savor the moment. She squirmed when I breathed my hot breath on her clit, then I touched my tongue to her hard nub. She orgasmed at the first touch of my tongue to her clit - a small one, but unmistakable. She tensed, bucked, gasped, then slowly came back down.

I eased off briefly, then slid my tongue down between her lips, then back up to flick her clit. She had to use one hand to steady herself on the desk, but the other came to the back of my head, holding me to her pussy. I locked my mouth onto her...licking and sucking...varying my intensity from hard licking to barely touching her with my tongue.

She started moaning, and I looked up and hissed "Shhhh". I continued eating her, listening as she tried to muffle her moaning. I backed off with my tongue, and stroked her gently with just my fingers again. She looked down in frustration, and I just smiled up at her. I coated my middle finger with her juices and brought it up to her mouth...first tracing her lips, then sliding my finger into her mouth. She sucked her juices off, then continued sucking my finger, making me imagine her sucking my cock.

I withdrew my finger from her mouth, and she looked down at me with a look that seemed to admit that she might have underestimated me...that I was a little more dangerous than she originally thought. She whispered down at me, "You're bad...Doug never does that." I smiled to myself and wondered what else Doug never did.

I attacked her pussy with enthusiasm, eating her with vigor. I could tell that she was building to a big orgasm, and I wanted to give it to her. I licked up and down, circled her clit with my tongue, then wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked while I pushed two fingers into her. That did it. She went over the edge, and it was probably the longest and most intense climax I had ever seen a woman have. Her whole body clenched, and I could feel wave after wave washing over her.

It finally started to subside, and I withdrew my face from her pussy. She looked absolutely shell-shocked - glassy-eyed, gasping for breath, seemingly unable to move. I smiled a devilish grin at her, but she seemed unable to respond. I sat back, and she started to recover her wits. She gave me a smile and said "That was amazing." Then she added, "But what about you?" I stood up, pushed my chair back, and started to unbuckle my belt....

(Continued here)

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