Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Big Tight Hug

It's sometime after 3am, and I'm walking in the tent city of a big weekend-long folk festival. I've been part of a campfire jam session ever since the day's concerts ended a little before midnight. The jam has taken a short break, and I've decided to walk around and take in the scene - and also maybe see where what sounds like an orgy of tribal drumming is coming from.

A sweet young thing walking toward me looks at me, says "Happy Fest!", and opens her arms for a hug. Now I *love* hugs, especially random unexpected hugs, so I opened my arms and invited her in. Her body was soft against mine, and we hugged and melded together...tighter...then tighter...then even tighter. I don't know how long it lasted. 5 seconds? 10 seconds? It was beautiful - not at all sexual, but very intimate. As I let her go, she looked at me with wide eyes and mumbled, "Wow...."

I smiled and said, "Happy Fest!" as we continued on our separate ways.

So yeah, that's me - providing hugs and "wow" moments to flower children and hippie chicks wherever I go!


  1. Those momentary connections in the universe? Essential to preserving our humanity.

  2. i agree with SillyOne on this. Moments you describe are the glue that keeps us all from going postal at the end of each day. What a fantastic time to share.

  3. Wow! I adore the way you described this! You made me feel like I was right there and made me wish I was!

  4. I guess I'm a big baby because unexpected moments like that tend to make me tear up. I'm a sucker for Hallmark card commercials.

    I also had a thought - if I had been in that situation, at the very end when you let go and she said wow, I would have expected her to say, "Oh, I thought you were somebody else." ;)

  5. Aw...c'mere...gimme a hug! My friend's dad gives the best hugs ever! Sweet post! :-)

  6. The words themselves are just like that hug for me - warm, enveloping, beautiful. You've captured that moment perfectly, Max...