Friday, March 15, 2013

FFF: Regret

She was at the point of tears. "It'll be impossible."

"No it won't, we'll still find time to be together." Did I believe that myself?

"How can you say that? It's hardly possible now - it's all we can do to squeeze in the occasional stolen moment. I'm already terrified of being discovered. It will be a hundred times scarier now."

"You just have to believe that we'll find a way." Was I trying to convince her, or me?

I took her in my arms and kissed her. Was she feeling regret? Was I?

She broke the kiss and went out onto the balcony, basking in the sun, then she turned toward me. "We could go away together...a private little island where it'll just be the two of us. Tell them you can't take the job."

"Tell them I can't take the job? Sister Mary Margaret, I've been elected pope. Please get dressed. Come in here and let's make the most of these few moments before I address the crowd in St. Peter's Square."

(173 words)

The challenge this week was: any prime number of words.
The word "regret" must be used.
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  1. LOVED IT!!!!

    I knew we'd get Papal tie-ins from last weeks picture but you did it again and I laughed out loud and read it again. What a great take. I certainly hope the Pope got in a few good ones at the end, 'cause his new job is a tough one.

    Thanks for writing this week! Excellent work.

  2. Delightfully sacriligious. I love it. :P

  3. Loved the ending! That was fantastic!

  4. Whoa! What an ending! You are so twisted... I adore that, Max! Great FFFing with you.

  5. Oh Damn! That was great! I love the way you slid the 'gotcha' in. :)