Friday, August 24, 2012

FFF: Long Flight

I had heard that some of the airlines had introduced new luxuries on their long overseas flights, but I wasn't prepared for just how bold they gotten with customer service. The meal they served was not only tolerable, it was good. A glass of red wine came with the meal, and when I complimented the flight attendant on it, she poured me a second glass.

But the biggest surprise by far came after the meal, when everyone was starting to prepare for sleep. The flight attendants came back down the aisle, and appeared to be taking orders from everyone. I couldn't imagine what this was - drink service and dinner service were long past.

The attractive brunette attendant finally got to me.

"Good evening, sir. Do you have any sexual requests for this evening? Handjobs are complimentary. Blowjobs are $10, and may be paid for with cash or credit card."

I looked her up and down. "I'll have a blowjob now, thank you. And then later, when everyone else is asleep, I want you to come back here so I can fuck you properly."

She met my gaze with a saucy smile. "Very good, sir."

(195 words)

The challenge this week was: 195-199 words.
The phrase "...bold..." must be used.
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  1. I could have used this type of diversion on my trip to Europe and back this summer!!!


  2. Talk about customer service. *wink*
    Makes me kind of wish my days as a flight attendant. sigh.

  3. I'm certain such innovations would make commercial air travel much more bearable.

  4. You are so gallant! Offering to take care of her later... Great take!
    I popped my FFF cherry today! Whee!

  5. This reminds me of another pic I may use next...
    Great story and thanks for playing!

  6. ROFLOL! Great interpretation of the prompts.

  7. Now, THAT'S some flight! :D

  8. Hmmmm...that is quite the flight service! :) Nice twist Max.