Friday, February 17, 2012

FFF: Folded

The lunch date at her house seemed risky, but I think the risk turned her on. It turned me on too.

Red roses in the front hallway - how thoughtful of her husband. I took one from the vase and gave it to her with a wicked smile, then pinned her against the wall.

Later, as we reveled in the satin sheets, I smiled when I saw a set of plain cotton sheets neatly folded in the corner. I knew they'd be on the bed when he got home later.

The challenge this week was: fewer than 100 words.
The phrase "...folded..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!

Note: PB announced in this week's challenge that he won't be able to host FFF for the next two weeks. I'm happy to post a pic on Monday for next week's FFF. If someone else wants to, just let me know - otherwise I'll post a pic and make an announcement on Monday.


  1. How very naughty. At least the hubby got clean sheets. ;-)

  2. Oooh, i like that, the pre-planning, the admitted anticipation. Excellent.

  3. Great take, Max. Nothing like a little cheating on Valentine's Day. Or, I guess you didn't mention V-Day, but, well, that's the way I read it. ;-)

    Thanks for offering to post a pic for next week.

    Oh, and I certainly hope you had a lovely V-day.

  4. Wow... what a great story... she should have left the sheets unchanged and made him sleep in the wet spot... just sayin'...


  5. Nice! Very sexy story, and applying the required phrase to the clean sheets ended the story of a suitably naughty note!


  6. Lovely! love the sheets on the side too! LOL!

  7. She used the silk sheets for you. You sure are special. ;-D

  8. Hey Max - I have a FFF challenge up for this week if you would like to stop by and give it your take.