Friday, November 18, 2011

FFF: Illusions

(Source image: "Monday" by Darren Hopes)
I kept my attention focused on my breath, as I'd been trained to do. As the breath slowly came to a stop, I felt the body that had been mine fall away. I passed through a state of pure white light, which slowly resolved into a room. Which contained a nearly-naked redhead.

I recognized the illusion. This had to be the second bardo, where souls awaiting rebirth can choose to experience sensual pleasures that were dear to them in their last incarnation. The redhead smiled at me, and a cat purred and rubbed against my leg. Would I move on to higher realms, or stay here for a while?

The redhead gave me a shy smile and opened her legs. I knew the choice was mine. I smiled and gave a resigned shrug, thinking, "heaven can wait."

The challenge this week was: 86-136 words.
The word "...resigned..." must be used.
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  1. Oh what a great take on the picture. I love the idea of experiencing sensual pleasures before re-birth. Happy FFF.

  2. I'm with Tame. I hope that when I leave this mortal coil, I get to experience the things I most enjoyed in life. Great take on the prompt.


  3. Great tag line, though now, thanks to you, I have Warren Beaty in my head.

  4. It's sad; at this point I think I might pet the cat rather than running off with the redhead. Clearly I'm not ready to ascend ;)

  5. Nice creative write ~

    I do like the ending ;-)

  6. :) Very nice. One kind of heaven awaits while a more immediate one beckons.

  7. This is gorgeous. Thank you making me smile...