Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Saucy (Part 2)

(Continued from here)

I can't remember the redhead's "name", but it was something ridiculous like Bubbles or Brandi. She took us to the private lap dance area, and asked which one of us she should concentrate on. We pointed at each other, and the Sensual Goddess insisted that she wanted to watch me get the lap dance. We asked about the ground-rules, and were told that the only thng not allowed was touching the pussy.

When the next song started, Bubbles got on my lap and gyrated - and it wasn't erotic at all. She wasn't into it, and I wasn't into it. Yes, she was an attractive girl, and yes, she was soft in all the right places, but it just didn't work. When the song ended, we thanked her and went back to our table.

We watched some more of the proceedings, and SG asked me if I was going to get another lap dance. I was ready to suggest we get out of there, when I spotted the big-breasted blonde we had noticed earlier in the evening. I thought if I could meet her eye, we'd get a lap dance, otherwise we'd call it a night. Sure enough, she walked toward us - I caught her eye and smiled, and she smiled back. I asked about a lap dance, and she was happy to oblige.

She led us to the private area, and was engaged, smiling, and friendly. She chatted happily with both of us as we waited for the next song to begin, and SG was giving me excited looks, as if to say, "Now *this* is what we came here for!" She explained the same ground rules, then asked SG if *she* had any rules. She smiled and nodded "no."

The next song started and she gave me a lap dance to remember. She writhed on me, ground against me, and pressed her body into mine from every possible angle. She put herself in position for me to touch her, and she felt fantastic. She was pretty as well as shapely, and she made delicious eye contact with me as she straddled and dry-humped me. It was connected and arousing - I didn't mistake it for real emotional connection or real passion, I know very well that she was doing it for the money we paid her - but if there isn't some semblance of a connection, I'm simply not interested.

The song ended, and when I looked over at SG, she was all smiles. When asked if we wanted to continue for another song, we both nodded eagerly. The second song was the same as the first, only more so. She asked SG, who was sitting very close, to touch her as she writhed on me, and her tentative touches were very cute. SG asked her if we could bring her home with us, and she laughed.

The song came to an end, and this time I answered "no, thanks" to the question of whether we wanted to continue for another song. She gave me a warm hug, then we went back to our table. It was fun, but I'm a cheap bastard thrifty soul at heart, and $20 per song is too steep a price to do more than a few times. I was happy, and SG was thrilled. She said watching her writhe on me was very arousing, and that she would have been happy to stay for more songs.

Back to our table, we realized that we never asked her name. Not that it mattered - we've dubbed all strippers "Saucy", after our first fun encounter. And we agreed that this one was the best Saucy yet.

SG's final word on the evening: "I think I know what you want more than you do. I knew the minute I saw that blonde that she was the one. Next time I'm just going to tell you to go back to the private area, and I'll pick out a girl and bring her back to give you a lap dance."

If she insists.


  1. You "thrifty soul" you. LOL! I'm glad the night ended with the best Saucy of all. I like SG's idea of picking out Saucy for you. Yes, if she insists. ;-)

  2. A good smelling cheap bastard... Oh dear.

  3. I think I need to come over to see lap dances, never seen one...but above all, I'd love to see your face while at it ;)