Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Lovely to See You"

I'll continue my Saturday "dash of happy" musical selection with The Moody Blues' Lovely to See You. It's a beautiful song with perfect lyrics.
A wonderful day for passing my way
Knock on my door and even the score with your eyes
Lovely to see you again my friend
Walk along with me to the next bend
I think this is the way life really is. Nothing is permanent. Loved ones come into our life at the right time, they walk with us to the next bend in the road, then we part (again, at just the right time.) The parting should be with gratitude for the moments shared, secure in the knowledge that there will be other shared moments further down the road.  I'm not always successful in thinking this way, but I really do believe that it's the way to happiness.


  1. Sometimes, it takes a while to see it in a good way! That's a nice post for a Saturday morning happy. :)

  2. "...there will be other shared moments further down the road." Yes, I believe that. I like the Moody Blues. Haven't listen to them in ages. Very nice dash of musical selection. ;-)

  3. This is the first time I listen to this song, and I like it!
    Nice post, indeed : )

  4. Thanks for the video treat... I like the way you view relationships in this way, even though it has ended.

    Your post remind me of this poem, We love people For a Season, For a Reason, or For a Lifetime.