Friday, April 8, 2011

FFF: Molten Ire

I had listened to the demo, and the girl was good. Now we were meeting in my office to talk about a contract. She shifted sensually as we sat on my leather sofa, and I tried not to stare at the braless tits under her tanktop.

"Listening to your demo, I think the first single would be 'Molten Ire.' Great tune, and you've come up with fantastic cover art."

"Why thank you." She blushed slightly. "I'm the artist and the model."

She smiled and moved closer. "I think I'd work out great on your label. We could really help each other."

She reached for my hand and placed it on her breast. I squeezed and kneaded, my fingers finding her hard nipple. I lifted the tanktop over her head, thinking as our lips met that a local distribution deal was certainly possible.

Fifteen minutes later, as my cock hit the back of her throat, I thought a recording contract and regional distribution deal just might work.

Two hours later, I had fucked her backwards, forwards, and upside-down. A long-term deal and national release seemed like the best way to proceed.

She gathered herself together, and we made plans to meet later for dinner. A European Tour wasn't out of the question.

The challenge this week was: 111-222 words.
The phrase "...molten ire..." must be used.
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  1. Talk about ambition! Now she needs a personal assistant and perhaps you can start thinking about a worldwide tour? :))))

  2. Very interesting negotiating skills. It's nice to know that the music business is still looking for new talent.

  3. Your easy mark of a Music Man has left me smiling slyly - and then some. Hmmm, I'm sure I have a demo rattling around in a drawer somewhere... ;)

  4. As an artist and a woman I think more deals should close with sex. Not as a negotiating tactic, necessarily, just as a form of handshake. I'd be much more inclined to participate in contracts, I know that. But there really ought to be witnesses to a contract this big ;) It'd certainly make the legal profession a much more interesting job.

  5. Lol. Men. That their currency is so simple to figure out is such a benefit to us, the craftier of the two sexes. Not that I'm complaining. I just laugh. While I enjoy. ;)

  6. ROFLOL!!! That was such a giggle to read. Such a lovely fly on the wall view of 'office tactics'.

  7. I like the way they make a deal. Seems this girl is talented in many ways -- the art of a deal, artist, model, musician... Impressive.

  8. Ahahahahaha. This was utterly hilarious. And way way different from anything I would have ever come up with. I do love seeing the different ways we handle these.

    Thanks for joining in this week! Happy belated FFF.

    -- PB