Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Damn Good

Here's a sampling of some sounds the Sensual Goddess pulled out of me last night. I was trying to be quiet, but the pleasure was so exquisite that I couldn't help myself.
God, yes....


Oh yeah, just like that....

Please don't stop....

That feels *amazing*!

So damn good....
I'm not sure if everyone reacts to a good back scratch as enthusiastically as I do, but I consider it one of life's greatest pleasures. And we realized with a laugh that someone listening in might think that...other things...were going on.


  1. Was she only scratching your back on that spot you can't quite reach? ;)

  2. You certainly wouldn't want to give an eavesdropper the *wrong* impression! ;)

    Very funny, btw.

  3. this is funny. i make the same sorts of sounds when i eat a really good meal! of course, minus the 'oh yeah, just like that...please don't stop....that feels *amazing*!'

  4. LOL! The reaction is terrific, no matter what was going on.

  5. Other things? Oh... Eating cake, for instance? No? Hmmm, I guess I'll have to use the filthy part of my imagination this morning... ;)

  6. I do the same sounds and I don't care what people may think. Is that a picture of you, by the way?