Thursday, June 17, 2010

FFF: Moscow Girl

There was no doubt, the Iron Curtain had well and truly fallen. I thought back to what I used to have to do to get a photo session with a Russian model - bribes to the customs agents, smuggling cameras and film. Endless trouble. And I’m still trying to block out the memory of what some of those girls used to look like.

Now? I fly first class into Moscow Airport and by the time my limo reaches the five-star hotel, all my equipment is unpacked in my room.

And the girls? Just take a look at this picture from my last test shoot. Gorgeous face, perfect body, legs that go on forever...and attitude like you wouldn’t believe. I took this picture just after I had finished fucking her in the big leather chair. My cum is still dripping out of her tight little snatch, and she starts pouting and says she won’t start the modeling session until she sucks my cock.

Of course I had to let her - she moaned with pleasure as she sucked me, and swallowed every drop when I shot my load down her throat. But back in the day, no model would ever have given me an ultimatum like that. It's a new Russia, that's for sure.

The challenge this week was: 100-300 words.
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  1. Poor photographer, huh? Working with ultimatums like that.... awful job conditions, I tell you!! ;-) Great piece :)

  2. Ummmmm....dripping snatch. I like. ;) Happy FFF!

  3. I agree with the ladies -- excellently done this week, sir! They do say that Russian women can be EXCEPTIONALLY friendly when given the right incentives. And that accent is just hot. :)

    -- PB

  4. *laughs* That's not just Russian women there, PB...

    Happy FFF.

  5. its a new day baby !!!


  6. Ha ha. Interesting post. I like the idea of the dripping cum. Makes me wish I was lounging post-sex right now too. Good job.

  7. Imagine knowing a girl like that...

    Happy FFF!

  8. Not just the Russians, hehehe! Nice story!

  9. Only you could have written a story like this one... You have such a creative mind! Thanks for making me laugh : )