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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Underfucked Pussy Epidemic

Kat has a great post titled "The Underfucked Pussy" (that title's a grabber, right?), which is her always-thoughtful commentary on a post she read, The Underfucked Pussy Epidemic.

I have a few thoughts. But rather than first offering my own summary of both the original post and Kat's commentary, go read them both first. Neither is long or over-taxing. I'll wait.

Okay, you read them and you're back? Interesting thoughts, huh?

I think there's a lot of truth to this. But I also feel very sad for the woman in the initial post who realizes after a little discussion that she's not having "gourmet orgasms," and has no idea what they even are. What is the prescription for her?
She needs to be f-ked wide open by a man that can penetrate not only her flesh but her heart and soul. She needs his strength, his firmness, his masculine energy to be unleashed in her at a cellular level and TAKE her beyond the point of no return and right into the heavens of rapture. Only at this level can she trust her man and allow herself once again to be seen.
Powerful stuff, and doubtless true. But it's not as easy as just deciding that she'll allow herself to be "fucked wide open by a man." There's the small matter of finding the right man. (Hey, maybe it *is* that easy - I think I'm free on Tuesday afternoon. :-)) There may be a lot of chronically underfucked pussies around - but there are also a whole lot of guys who don't seem to be capable of that kind of physical and emotional intimacy. Enough bad experiences with these boys in men's bodies, and our heroine is going to close further down, not open up.

She says that women need to ask for what they want, and men need to ask and keep asking. I agree with that - but I also think it's a very hard thing to start doing if you've spent your whole life not doing it. That's a huge hurdle for many people, and requires a great deal of trust.

I like the article a lot. But I think it might be most appreciated by those who already get it, and those who don't get it will look at it without understanding. I hope I'm wrong. Combining physical and emotional intimacy into one package is what makes the magic happen. That's when the angels sing. Everyone deserves to experience that.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Katy Perry and Answered Prayers

Unfortunately, the answered prayer is *not* that I'm Katy Perry's new boy toy.

You may have seen that my lust object and celebrity pass mainstay is featured in this month's GQ. The full online article is here, but here's the quote that's making the rounds:
"I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, 'God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can't see my feet when I'm lying down?' " At age 11, "God answered my prayers," she says, glancing south. "I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually."
Wow...who knew it was that simple?

Friday, January 10, 2014

FFF: Fortune-telling

I was told she was gifted at seeing the future, so I set up a reading for the New Year. But what I hadn't been told as I entered the back room and sat down for my session, was how topless she was...or how busty.

The room was filled with the light of countless candles. She lit a stick of incense and explained the ancient art of scrying to she had studied with a sage, how she had learned to peer into her ball see into the future. But holy smokes, the only future I could think about was burying my face between those amazing tits.

"Be very still...very quiet. I will now gaze into the ball. I will go deep and try to divine your future. It may give me vague impressions...a clear vision...or nothing at all."

I tried to relax my breathing...quiet my mind. But the vision that wouldn't leave my head was what her tits would feel like in my hands...the soft moans she might let out if I was sucking one of her nipples and pinching the other.

She seemed to enter a trance as she gazed deeply into the ball. She chanted softly, then got quiet.

"My vision has started very hazy. But I can tell that you are quite carnal in nature, quite intense. You've learned how to express that quite well, and that journey will continue."

I imagined sucking her nipples hard...looking up at her face as it contorted in pleasure...maybe even closing my teeth down on her sensitive bud.

"You will have new sexual partners. Maybe even very soon."

I'm pretty sure I was having the same vision, and I didn't need a crystal ball. I imagined bending her over and taking her roughly from behind...fucking her hard and making those tits bounce.

She got quiet again and gazed deeply. "The vision is becoming clearer. Yes, yes...I see...."

She stopped abruptly, and when I looked up, she seemed shocked. She blushed, then stammered, "Sometimes the ball is incorrect. Sometimes the vision gets confused."

I smiled. "How often?"


I raised an eyebrow.

She gave up. "Almost never."

I winked. "How about if I tell you my vision of the future?"

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Required Words: Scrying (check)
Forbidden Name: Justin Bieber (check)
Extra Credit: Predict something that will happen in 2014. (I hope I have. :-))

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2014.

Instead of the standard wishes for health and happiness that everyone else will wish you, I'll wish you erotic adventures and sensual delights. May your wildest fantasies come true!

Oh okay, health and happiness too. :-)

Friday, December 13, 2013

FFF: Letters

I could not believe what I was reading, my dear Max.
I was all anticipation as I started to read her letter, noting her neat handwriting and the scented stationery she used. I continued.
I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, given our mutual interest in how things used to be, that you would propose we have cyber-sex the old-fashioned way - without the cyber.
I followed your instructions. I took a hot bath and prepared myself for you. I got into bed naked, clutching your letter. I lingered over your words - how you imagine holding me, kissing me, making love to me...fucking me. I did everything your letter told me to - I pinched my nipples until I was in agony and they felt like they would burst. Only then did I touch my pussy. I was dripping wet - and you know how wet your words make me.
Her words were arousing me, and I had to unbutton my pants and stroke myself as I continued reading.
I did as you said - I kept myself close to orgasm without climaxing, imagining how you would take me...feeling every sensation.
Oh, I almost forgot. I put a tie on, and had it just tight enough that I could feel it around my throat. I could close my eyes and imagine your fingers on my throat.
I had the most intense climaxes, and I'm ready to pronounce the experiment a complete success. But I'm also ready to return to the phone and webcam.
P.S. - I cheated and used one piece of modern technology. Look in the bottom of the envelope.
I reached in and pulled out a glossy photograph.

(275 words)

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Required Beginning: "I could not believe what I was reading....
Forbidden words: master, servant, postage, parchment, poisson (French version)

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Monday, December 9, 2013

More Than Expected

I got a Sunday surprise yesterday when the predicted 1-3 inches of snow and freezing rain turned into a full-fledged snowstorm. It snowed, and kept snowing, and then snowed some more. I was happy and warm inside, watching my football team flounder in the snow (they finally got it figured out in the second half.) By the time it stopped I was looking out at a completely-unexpected 8 inches.

Later, after having shoveled the driveway, I mused to the Sensual Goddess that expecting 3 inches and getting 8 pretty much sums up her experience of meeting me.

Her laugh and eye roll told me that's exactly what she was thinking too.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Penis Size by State

I'm entirely too curious. Do you think for one moment that I'm *not* clicking on a web link titled "Average Penis Size Ranked by State"? I can't for the life of me remember where I saw the link, but it was on a reasonably legitimate web site. Of course I clicked on it right away, and scanned the list for my home state. I was pleased to find it in the top half of the rankings...though I don't remember being measured for this study.

In case you're wondering which research institute or university lab is doing this kind of study, it comes from the science department at Laugh if you want, but we'll see who's laughing when the Nobel prizes are awarded.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to order three cases of extra-large condoms. Gotta do what I can to help my state in next year's survey!

I dare you not to click. :-)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I'd like to wish a happy holiday to all my blog friends and readers. I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is this blog and the people I've gotten to know in some small way. I'm very grateful that you take the time to look in on my posts. Your presence and your feedback is very much appreciated.

Rather than accompany this post with a standard pic of a family around the table enjoying a turkey dinner, here's a seldom-seen pic of what the first Thanksgiving actually looked like. Not quite the image I had from my grade-school textbooks. Those Pilgrim girls really had it going on, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 15, 2013

FFF: Fuck Me

I gaped...speechless...then finally muttered, "Well fuck me...."

She pouted. "What's the matter? Don't you like it?"

I stammered. "Of course I like it. It's just that...."

"We agreed that we'd get one of my photographs enlarged to hang on the dining room wall. One that has special meaning to both of us."

I laughed. "That's right. I guess I thought you'd pick one of your shots from our Grand Canyon hike. Or maybe one from Aruba. Not one of our private...."

"This one's my favorite. Now help me hang it, your mother will be here for dinner in an hour."

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